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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 110 US dollars
  • Poplar Drive

Service Description

Reiki translates as "Universal Life Force Energy". When we or someone else is ill or injured, our first instinct is to put our hands over that area. Our bodies radiate warmth and energy. Lifeforce energy flows within and around us. A Reiki practitioner transfers life force energy through his or her hands to another. It is simply a "laying on of hands". Reiki was rediscovered when Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian, was searching for a way to recreate the healing miracles performed by Jesus and Buddha. During his search, Reiki was revealed to him. Using Reiki, the practitioner places his or her hands directly on the body, usually for several minutes. The person receiving Reiki may feel warmth, a tingling sensation, very relaxed, or nothing notable. Reiki brings additional life force energy into the person. The Reiki practitioner serves as a channel for the energy, but he or she is not the source.

Contact Details

  • 108 Poplar Drive, Greer, SC, USA


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