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Esoteric Services

Energy Body & Chakras


All living beings have an energy field that surrounds and permeates their body. This energy field is like a framework  around and throughout the body.  Within this framework  there are seven major energy centers called chakras. 

Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and organ system. Through training, an Esoteric practitioner learns to work within this energy field. There can be areas of weak or stagnant energy. Dis-ease starts and healing begins in the energy field. The Esoteric practitioner helps bring the energy into balance.

The client may lie down or sit up right (fully clothed) and relax. The practitioner usually does not touch the client, but works away from the body in the energy field.


The human body is a dynamic, energetic system.  An electromagnetic field of energy surrounds our physical body and is often referred to as the Aura or Etheric body.

This Etheric body is made up of the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies: an energetic matrix with a perfected design that flows from the Source of its being, God.

Similar to the scaffolding of a building, the human energy field supports and reflects the physical body. The Soul’s energy is designed to flow through this energetic network, vitalizing and sustaining the physical body through the Chakra system, which regulates this vital energy into the organs, the glands, nervous system, and the brain.

Injuries or physical and emotional wounds, stress and trauma, as well as MRI’s, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation cause disruptions in the energy field. This appears to the trained eye or sensitive hand as a distorted matrix of energy that holds the dysfunction and dis-ease patters in place. Releasing and balancing these tensions allows the light and innate intelligence of the Soul to flow freely into the physical body, restoring vitality.





Reiki translates as "Universal Life Force Energy".  When we or someone else is ill or injured, our first instinct is to put our hands over that area.  Our bodies radiate warmth and energy.  Lifeforce energy flows within and around us.  A Reiki practitioner transfers life force energy through his or her hands to another. It is simply a "laying on of hands". 

Using Reiki, the practitioner places his or her hands directly on the body, usually for several minutes.  The person receiving Reiki may feel warmth, a tingling sensation, very relaxed, or nothing notable.   Reiki brings additional life force energy into the person.  The Reiki practitioner serves as a channel for the energy, but he or she is not the source.


Polarity works with life energy in all of its forms, using a comprehensive system of bodywork, exercise, nutritional guidance, and verbal counseling to bring body, mind, emotions, and spirit into a state of balance, harmony and vibrant health.

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), an osteopath, chiropractor, and naturopath who sought to integrate Eastern and Western approaches to healing modalities such as reflexology, acupressure, craniosacral balancing, yoga, and Ayurveda.

But Polarity is more than just a collection of techniques – at its heart is a set of principles about the balance and flow of life energy which Dr. Stone believed to be the underlying essence of all healing arts. This is attested to by the growing number of health care professionals, such as nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, creative arts therapists, and massage practitioners, who are successfully incorporating Polarity Therapy into their work.

When we are truly well, our bodies vibrate vitality and our thoughts and emotions are in alignment with our soul’s truth. The polarity model sees the body’s imbalances as the final “printout” of information entered long ago. Polarity serves as the key to unlock the door to the source, thereby allowing for genuinely new choices.

Utilizing hands-on contacts, toning, breathing and gentle counseling techniques, this work embodies a full holistic health care system, and can be used to empower other modalities as well.

Polarity Therapy works at the level of sub-atomic physics. We offer this exciting new paradigm of energy healing!

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