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About Marie & the Shop

Aroma Girl was established with the sole purpose of providing holistic healing of Mind, Body, & Spirit for Women  & Men through customized massage & esoteric therapy.  Being a woman, I'd like to speak to all of you.....As women, we carry the weight of the worlds current conditions on our shoulders.

In my life, I had been left constantly feeling less than & unworthy.  Then gratefully things began to change, I was blessed with meeting some impactful Women that planted seeds of change in my life.  They loved me until I could love myself right where I was; ALL of me...flaws, curves, and beauty that is an extraordinary Woman. 

WE are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, employees, employers...& all of these at once most of the time. Our sensitivity to the climate of the world and Our responsibility to not only ourselves but those around us can be overwhelming.  Let us then add to that the impact of expectations of a certain body image & experiences- this led me down a windy path to where the Shop & I have evolved to today. 


Right here, right now my dear Sisters here is what I  would have you know:

YOU are enough

YOU are worthy

YOU are beautiful

If your soul craves this as well, treat yourself to this precious gift & book an appointment...YOU deserve it!


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